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    About Box Jeannie 

    Earnings are increased by 100% while time is saved because to Box Jeannie. There is flexibility in scheduling, since you can make pickups and drop-offs around your other obligations. Own your route, unlike with other "gig driving apps," by suggesting Box Jeannie to friends and local businesses. Box Jeannie is a premier on-demand concierge app that uses cutting-edge technology to handle internet returns, recycles items, and delivers them directly to the customer's door. Besides making your boxes disappear, Box Jeannie may also provide you the gift of extra time or money.

    Box Jeannie is a service that helps you return undesired internet purchases by shipping them back to the store from where they were originally purchased.


    By picking up from consumers and companies and delivering to/from customers, Box Jeannie helps businesses and individuals save time and money. Businesses and individuals alike can take advantage of the "door to door" service.


    Third, Box Jeanine links drivers to people who need to recycle boxes but don't want to deal with dismantling them or remembering when collection days are.